ePrime Radio Frequency Device Can Reverse the Signs of Aging

ePrime Device Can Ward off Signs of AgingIf you’re still wary about undergoing facelift surgery to get rid of wrinkles or tighten up your skin, you could be a better candidate for a non-surgical facelift procedure. Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation procedures such as ePrime are designed to increase tissue volume, eliminate wrinkles and tighten loose or lax skin.

The ePrime device is one of the newer skin rejuvenation devices by Syneron and may be an attractive alternative to surgery and other facial rejuvenation treatments.

The ePrime skin rejuvenation system was recently featured on The Doctors TV show and has been coined the “Super Age Ersaer” because it can literally erase many of the signs of aging. The device delivers radiofrequency waves deep into the skin tissues and heats up the outer layer of the skin to create a skin tightening effect. The device causes very small injuries to the tissues, triggering collagen production and forces the skin to grow back and heal itself rapidly. The body begins to produce more hyaluronic acid during this process, another compound that can improve wrinkles and help the skin maintain a youthful appearance.

Unlike many other skin rejuvenation procedures, the ePrime device produces very natural-looking results because it encourages the rapid rebuilding of the skin’s tissues. The entire procedure only takes about an hour and doesn’t involve any needles or surgery. Some patients experience some redness and swelling, but there is minimal pain involved. It takes about three weeks for the skin to start renewing itself and the 21-day mark is when most patients notice a big improvement in the overall texture and tone of their skin. They also see progressive results for up to six months after their treatment.

Learn more about some of the latest skin rejuvenation treatments here. If you’re interested in undergoing an anti-aging procedure like ePrime, talk to a cosmetic surgeon in your area about your options.

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