Cosmetic Dentist Roberto Palmieri Says Economy Driving Demand for Veneers

While the economy is still pulling itself out of a recession, many Americans are holding off on cosmetic work including cosmetic dentistry procedures. Unlike some plastic surgery procedures that have low-cost alternatives, cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and orthodontics come at a hefty price.

Veneers and braces like Invisalign were once some of the most sought-after treatments in the cosmetic dentistry field. They’re still a popular choice for those undergoing a smile makeover, but fewer procedures are being performed these past few years.

Dr. Roberto Palmieri, a cosmetic dentist at Palmieri Dentistry, The Center for Dental Excellence in Mooresville, North Carolina talked to us about how the economy is changing the cosmetic dentistry. He states that, “There are more patients who are hesitant to pay the extra money for porcelain veneers, one of our most popular procedures. In the last three years there has been a decline by a good 40% in the procedure. People’s priorities have shifted quite a bit.”

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing a smile makeover and getting dental veneers, take a look at these before and after porcelain veneers pictures to find out what to expect from treatment. Talk to cosmetic dentistry doctors in your area to learn more about the costs of the treatment, and whether you would be a good candidate for a smile makeover.

Dr. Palmieri says that people simply prioritize other “needs” over cosmetic work. People are also compromising. “We’ve seen a lot of patch work. Instead of putting a crown on a tooth, we put a big filling on it. Instead of a root canal, we take the tooth out.”

He also points out that people are looking for less expensive options when it comes to getting veneers. The least expensive option for veneers are those that are made by computerized machines. These veneers can cost up to 50% less than traditional veneers, a savings of $500 or more per veneer depending on the dentist.

Palmieri Dentistry offers three different types of veneers: custom-made porcelain, machine-made porcelain, and composite veneers. Custom-made porcelain veneers tend to look very real and more natural, and are created by a master technician. Machine-made porcelain veneers are based on a design and are polished before insertion. Composite veneers are typically made of a polymer material and are ideal for restoring chipped or discolored teeth.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry treatments in the Mooresville area, contact Dr. Roberto Palmieri or contact cosmetic dentistry doctors in your area to schedule a consultation.

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