Twilight Actress Undergoes LASIK Procedure

Twilight actress Judi Shekoni recently underwent the LASIK vision correction procedure at a Beverly Hills LASIK center and is now enjoying the successful outcome. The procedure was performed by LASIK eye surgery specialist Dr. Khanna, and involved a two-step process. Ms. Shekoni, who plays vampire Zafrina on the Twilight show, reports that she was a “nervous passenger” while undergoing the procedure but it was completely painless.

Dr. Khanna reports that he was able to perform the two-part procedure by creating a small flap and then applying a cool beam of the laser to reshape the eye. The flap was replaced shortly after the reshaping process and Ms. Shekoni’s healed rapidly after that. Judi reports that she was able to see much better immediately after her LASIK procedure.

If you’ve thought about getting LASIK or another laser eye surgery procedure, set up a consultation with a LASIK specialist in your area. Your LASIK surgeon will be able to review the pros and cons of laser eye surgery and determine whether you are a good candidate for vision correction procedures. If you aren’t a good candidate for LASIK, there are some LASIK alternatives available.

Dr. Khanna is a board-certified ophthalmologist with certification from the American Board of Opthalmology. He has specialized training in LASIK, cataract and corneal surgery from the University of Cincinnati.

One of the most important things to remember when considering LASIK is that you need to work with an experienced and skilled surgeon. Dr. Khanna is one of many LASIK surgeons with a strong track record and history of performing laser eye surgery with successful outcomes. He has performed over 10,000 vision correction procedures on Hollywood stars, Olympic medal winners and elite athletes. He practices at the Khanna Institute of LASIK in Westlake Villlage, California. More information about Dr. Khanna can be found here.

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