Miss Universe Leila Lopes Says No to Cosmetic Surgery

The newly-crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes says that she has never had any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. She states that her natural beauty is a result of getting plenty of sleep and maintaining a consistent beauty regimen. She is a self-professed activist devoted to battling AIDS and poverty and has worked with numerous social causes in the fight against HIV.

Lopes is 25 years old and an ex-pat studying in Great Britain. She is originally from the Benguela Province of Angola. She told Miss Universe judges that she has never had any type of cosmetic surgery and recommends lots of sleep, sunscreen and drinking lots of water to maintain her healthy skin tone and lean figure.

History tells us that approximately 30 percent of Miss Universe contestants do go under the knife and have work done. Unlike other beauty pageants, contestants aren’t disqualified for having plastic or cosmetic surgery, but there is often controversy about whether some contestants go too far or have too much work done just to achieve their ideal figure.

Miss Universe contestants typically need to meet very strict standards when it comes to their height, weight and measurements and not all are blessed with figures that meet this ideal. In a press conference with Miss Universe contestants earlier this year in San Paulo, plastic surgery was among the top topics from journalists.

Miss Universe, Miss Curacao would not say whether she had undergone any type of plastic surgery, simply stating that “It’s my little secret”, according to a report in GlobalBeauties.com. Miss France points out that plastic surgery is simply not allowed for girls who participate in the French national pageant.  Miss Australia voiced a similar point of view, stating that, “Everything is also natural here. I am too young to have plastic surgery.”

Miss Angola and the current Miss Universe Leila Lopes says that she visited Brazil five times to prepare for her pageant. However, she did not go under the knife in order to compete and is also an “all-natural contestant.

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