Electrical Stimulation Treatment Could Increase Bustline

If you’ve considered getting breast implants to increase your breast size, surgery may not be your only option. While breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants can help to add volume to your breast and create that coveted cleavage, there are a number of side effects to surgery and not every procedure delivers flawless results. Non-surgical technologies do exist for breast augmentation patients, and one that involves electrical stimulation was recently featured on The Doctors TV show.

The CACI procedure uses electrical stimulation to temporarily increase the breast size by emitting electrical currents directly into the muscle fibers. This process makes the tissues constrict and lift upward, creating a fuller and rounder appearance. The CACI treatment only takes about fifteen minutes and is completely non-invasive. It’s a painless procedure and results typically last between three to five days, adding between one to two inches to the bustline. The treatment isn’t designed for women with sagging breasts because it requires the patient to have a significant amount of muscle tissue to respond to the treatment.

During the procedure, a set of electrodes are placed on the breasts on both sides of the muscle tissue. Electrical current is sent to the muscle to cause a contraction, and the fibers will contract and tighten to give the breasts a fuller appearance. This temporary breast augmentation procedure could be a good match for women who are preparing for a special event or even a photo shoot.

Women who are looking for more permanent solutions for increasing their breast size may choose to undergo a breast implant procedure or a fat transfer procedure instead. During the fat transfer procedure, fat is removed from another part of the body and then injected into the breast tissue to create a natural and rounded appearance. This type of treatment offers a more permanent solution for increasing breast size, and may be a better alternative to implants in some cases.

While the CACI treatment can’t replace the effects of breast implants or the natural breast augmentation procedure, it may be effective for temporary increasing the patient’s breast size and creating a more desirable and attractive upper body silhouette. Talk to a breast augmentation surgeon in your area to find out what some of the surgical and non-surgical options are for increasing your breast size.

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