New 3-D Imaging Device Gives You a Chance to View Virtual Rhinoplasty

Have you been thinking about getting a nose job? Most nose job surgeries are fairly easy to perform and carry few risks, but you may not be able to achieve your ideal nose shape after your first procedure. The outcome of your rhinoplasty procedure typically depends on the skill of the surgeon, and how well you’ve been able to convey your goals during the consultation. To make things easier, a company has developed a 3D imaging device that can reasonably project the results of your nose job surgery. This exciting new technology was recently featured on The Doctors TV show and allows the physician to make very subtle chances to your picture so that you can see exactly what you will look like after surgery.

Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrated the Vectra M-3 virtual imaging device to explain how a physician can make changes to a patient’s profile with a few clicks of a mouse. The doctor could alter the image as if they were performing a real-life rhinoplasty procedure until the ideal facial profile was achieved. Dr. Ordon showed how altering just a few features, such as the bridge of the nose, the nose tip size and other features of the face could help create a more symmetrical and attractive nose shape and facial profile. The 3D imaging device could realistically project the outcome of the nose job procedure and help the patient decide whether they wanted to proceed with the surgery.

This innovative imaging device can now also be used to create virtual previews of facelifts and eyelifts. While these images don’t guarantee results, they can give patients and surgeons a fairly realistic idea of what to expect with their procedure.


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