Celebrity Plastic Surgeries that Made Celebrities Look Even Better

Celebrity SurgeryWhile we tend to focus on some of the major plastic surgery mishaps and celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, some of Hollywood’s most attractive actors, actresses and musicians have been able to improve their appearance for good after going under the knife. Stars that weren’t born with picture-perfect looks often head to the plastic surgeon’s office for a little nip and tuck to achieve their Hollywood ideal. In some cases, you’ll be surprised to find out that your favorite celeb has had plastic surgery because they’ve been able to hide it quite well.

Learn more about celebrity plastic surgery news and trends  here, or check out these plastic surgery before and after photos to see some real-life transformations.

Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery Transformations

So which lucky celebs have had great results with different types of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures? Here are a few that you may, or may not have thought about:

  • Megan Fox – famous for having several plastic surgery procedures before the age of 25, this celebrity has had Botox, breast implants and possibly hair transplants
  • Demi Moore – fans and the media speculate that Moore has had Botox, a nose job and liposuction to maintain her trim and toned figure
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – this star is rumored to have had nose surgery and also undergone a mole removal procedure to remove a beauty mark from her chin
  • Patrick Dempsey – this actor is also rumored to have undergone nose job surgery to balance out his facial profile
  • Jane Fonda – has been open about the work done around her eyes to maintain her youthful looks, and has reportedly also undergone a chin and neck skin tightening procedure to get rid of wrinkles and tone up sagging skin
  • Kim Kardashian – rumored to have undergone nose job surgery and breast augmentation, this star insists that her beauty is all natural. She has, however, admitted to having Botox injections to smooth out her forehead, and undergoing VelaShape body contouring treatments to get rid of cellulite on her thighs and buttocks.
  • Keira Knightley – even though this star seems to have a perfect stick-thin figure and pronounced facial features, she appears to have had a nose job to achieve a very thin an delicate-looking nose

From nose jobs to liposuction, celebrities aren’t immune to the pressure of having plastic surgery to improve their looks. Learn more about celebrity plastic surgery news and trends here.


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