Dahm Triplets Launch Mommy Makeover Workout

If you’ve been considering a mommy makeover by your plastic surgeon, keep in mind that you’ll need a maintenance plan to keep those extra pounds off and stay in shape after surgery. The Dahm Triplets were recently featured on The Doctors TV show to talk about their new workout DVD designed for new moms who want to lose the baby weight.

Most women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy, and many struggle with losing this extra weight as they get busy with the activities of new motherhood. For many, a mommy makeover package at the plastic surgeon’s office can help to get rid of some extra weight, and restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy figure. However, surgery isn’t for everyone and there are some inherent risks involved with liposuction, breast augmentation and other popular “mommy makeover” procedures.

The Dahm Triplets have developed a set of fitness DVDs to help moms get back in shape after the baby. The fitness DVD, “3, 2, 1…Get Your Body Back”, includes three simple ten-minute workouts that incorporate high energy dance-style moves, 80s aerobic moves and strength training exercises using hand weights to help the body tone up, and also to burn lots of calories.

The fitness routines are led by Jaclyn, Nicole and Erica. The sisters claim that these exercises are ideal for new moms, and for anyone who wants to tone up and get rid of some extra weight after the baby. The quick and simple workout routines can help a busy mom get back in shape without having to go to a gym, or by following a complicated exercise routine, according to the triplets.

Even women who undergo a mommy makeover procedure may benefit from a fitness regimen like this one. Once the excess weight has been removed with liposuction, patients still need to maintain a healthy workout regimen and stick with a healthy diet so that the weight doesn’t return. The Dahm Triplets fitness routine can help women get back to their pre-baby state – and stay there – for the long-term. For some women, diet and exercise are enough to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. For others, a combination of plastic surgery procedures with a post-procedure exercise routine can help to achieve significant results and restore the woman’s pre-baby figure.

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