Pets Can Undergo Plastic Surgery to Improve Appearance

Plastic and cosmetic surgery may be a popular choice for men and women who want to transform their appearance, but now pets can benefit from going under the knife as well. A recent story on ABC News features pets that have had plastic surgery – by the consent of the owner, of course. Dogs that have been neutered can get testicles with a simple reverse neutering procedure. Some dogs can have their ears clipped or their tail shortened for comfort, and also for aesthetic reasons.

In the ABC News feature, an Idaho-based veterinarian points out that most procedures performed on pets aren’t done for cosmetic reasons. In the majority of cases, pet owners have their pets go under the knife for medical reasons. Among the breeds that typically need these types of procedures is the bulldog. Because of the bulldog’s deep skin folds, there is a high risk of infection of the skin. A “doggy tummy tuck” or skin removal procedure can help to counteract some of these problems. Bulldogs also have flattened noses, which can complicate breathing. A “doggy rhinoplasty” can help to correct his problem and improve breathing patterns overall. Even a simple procedure such as Botox can help to get rid of wrinkles that may be contributing to problems with skin folds.

In the case of reverse neutering, this would be considered to be a cosmetic procedure. The “testicles” aren’t real so it appears that the dog or puppy has not been neutered. Vets can use testicular implants to create the illusion of real testicles, and this is actually a fairly affordable procedure. Pet owners who want to improve the quality of life for their pet may now consider plastic surgery designed specifically for pets.

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