Long-Term Weight Loss More Effective with a Change in Attitude

Even though weight loss can be as simple as a healthy diet and consistent workout regimen for many people, it is a struggle for those who are severely overweight or medically obese. Even though some obese patients are successful with weight loss programs that include bariatric surgery, a change in attitude and educating oneself about food and nutrition can also help the individual lose the weight for good. Addressing issues such as a food addiction, poor eating habits and getting off the yo-yo diet cycle can all help to increase chances of success with any weight loss program.

Individuals undergoing a medically-supervised weight loss program and those who have already undergone bariatric surgery are often referred to a dietitian and counselor to help them adopt new eating habits and prevent falling back into their old regimen. Counseling can help many people overcome an obsession with food, which often leads to overeating and then overcompensating with a dangerous diet.

The key to overcoming this type of obsession is to make peace with food and realize that it is important for your body to receive clean food that provides real energy. Food is a source of energy and nothing more. People who overeat or abuse food are often dealing with underlying emotional issues that must be addressed through therapy and counseling. Once that is resolved, they can adopt some healthier eating habits that fuel the body and mind, instead of fulfilling some other type of unmet need.

Anyone undertaking a diet plan or behavior modification plan for overeating will also need to hold themselves accountable for their eating habits and weight loss goals. Keeping track of progress, maintaining a food journal, and seeking help from a dietitian or nutritionist are necessary for achieving long-term weight loss success and also for enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Eliminating extreme diets, a obsession with food, and misinformation can help a lot of people lose weight in the long-term and keep it off for years without trying.

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