Houston Plastic Surgeon Launches Successful Facebook Campaign to Attract Patients

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Straka is taking the lead on improving the patient-doctor relationship by using a Facebook page as an online marketing tool. According to a recent study produced for the HealthCare New Media Marketing Conference by Q1 Productions, 80 percent of Internet users have jumped online for health population. Now that Facebook has approximately 750 million users, there’s a good chance that many plastic surgery patients are also using Facebook to find information about plastic surgeons in their area.

Doctor directories like LocateADoc.com are among the best ways to find a plastic surgeon and learn more about different procedures. Many plastic surgeons on LocateADoc.com have also created a Facebook page to represent their business, and to engage their patients and prospective patients in a new way. Some also post plastic surgery before and after photos on their Facebook page, giving patients a better idea of what to expect with their procedure.

Dr. Straka says that Facebook gives him a chance to respond to patients with more personalized feedback, and provide comments that actually provide value for each patient. He has been able to generate a consistent following and connect with a large patient community as a result of his efforts. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement, and is taking an active role in educating patients about different breast implant types, and options available for women interested in breast augmentation and related procedures.

He states, “By engaging with patients before, during, and after their consultations and procedures through Facebook, my team and I are able to develop and strengthen patient relationships quicker than we were able to in the past.” Ultimately, this allows him to provide patients with a more personalized and even more pleasant experience. He can also glean some important information about each patient by communicating with them through this social networking channel beforehand.

As today’s leading plastic surgeons jump on the social media and online marketing bandwagon, it’s becoming easier than ever to find a doctor that can meet your needs, and learn more about procedures that interest you. If your plastic surgeon has a Facebook page, take some time to look at plastic surgery before and after photos, and also read Wall posts to see what patients are saying about the practice.

Source: Digital Journal Press Release – Houston Plastic Surgeon Utilizes Facebook to Interact with Patients



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