80 Year Old Woman Pays $7,500 for Cosmetic Surgery

A former dancer and teacher recently scheduled surgery at a local plastic surgery office to improve her looks. She paid $7,500 for the procedures, but a few months later, decided that she didn’t want to undergo the procedures after all.

“I gave myself three months to think about it and I look and I think I really don’t look that bad. Maybe I’ll just grow old gracefully” (Source: Local12.com).

However, the plastic surgery office would not grant the woman a refund. The 80-year old woman had rescheduled her surgery for January, but decided to cancel in December. The office said that they could not grant her a refund because she called on the day of the surgery, and the doctors had to b e paid.

The cancellation requirements detailed in the contract state that the patient must cancel seven days prior to the originally scheduled date in order to receive a full refund. Since the patient had rescheduled her procedures, she had passed that date. Ultimately, the doctor’s office needed at least a week’s notice of the original scheduled date, not any rescheduled date that a patient may have initiated.

The mistake cost the woman $7,500.

More and more elderly patients are seeking cosmetic surgery in recent years, and the trend will likely continue as more options become available. ABC News reported on the trend of “downaging” earlier this year, pointing out that many elderly patients are pursuing procedures including facelifts and breast implants. The American Society for Plastic Surgery also reports that the number of cosmetic surgery patients over 65 has grown more than 352 percent in the past five years – and the numbers continue to rise.

All patients considering plastic or cosmetic surgery must undergo a thorough medical checkup to ensure that they do not have existing medical problems that could complicate the procedure.

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