Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Offers Promising Results

Even though fat transfer for breast augmentation has been available since the 1980s, the procedure was eventually banned because of safety reasons. Today, the ban has been lifted and many plastic surgeons around the country are offering autologous fat transfer options for breast enlargement, and the latest stem cell technologies are making it easier for many women to achieve natural-looking breasts with their own fat cells.

Dr. Todd Malan is the first doctor in the United States to perform the stem cell breast augmentation procedure, and recently interviewed with American Health and Beautyto discuss the benefits and process of the procedure.

Dr. Malan uses a combination of body jet water liposuction and traditional liposuction to remove the fat and reduce the risk of tearing the surrounding tissues. As long as the fat transfer involves pure, uncontaminated fat, Dr. Malan is able to separate the fat cells from the regenerative stem cells, and then create a concentrated stem cell injection that will be injected directly into the breasts.

Once these cells are injected into the breasts, the breast tissues grow new blood vessels to feed the fat, and an anti-inflammatory substance is produced to help with the healing process. Within a few days and weeks, the skin over the breast tissues begins to tighten and the breasts appear firmer, larger and more sculpted.

Results are permanent, and most patients can go up at least two breast sizes shortly after the surgery. Dr. Malan states, “At its inception in the U.S., fat transfer was only effective 50% or less of the time and was fraught with many complications which eventually led to the procedure being abandoned…a patient may want to remove fat from stubborn areas because even with diet and exercise, it’s the last place they lose weight and the first place they gain weight.”

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