'Madonna Lift' Promises Eye Lift without Surgery

Many men and women that have droopy eyelids complain that people perceive them as always looking tired or angry, and the effects can also add years to the appearance.

However, eyelid lift surgery is no longer the only option for making the eyes look younger and more youthful. Dr. Bruce Katz, director of New York’s Juva Skin and Laser Center has developed a procedure that achieves results similar to the eye lift, but without any needles or surgery.

He calls it the ‘Madonna Lift’, and uses the SmartSkin Fractional C02 Laser to stimulate collagen growth around the eyes, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lift up the eyebrows to make them appear more open.

The SmartSkin Fractional C02 Laser device has received FDA approval for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the face and neck area, but there is limited research or evidence available to suggest that it is safe to use around the eye area. As with all laser resurfacing devices, there is a risk that the skin can burn and cause scarring, so when the laser is applied to the eye area, there is the potential for excessive scarring and deterioration of the delicate skin tissue. The energy from the laser stimulates collagen growth, strengthens the skin tissue around the eye area, and lifts the skin around the eyebrow region several days and weeks after the treatment.

Dr. Katz uses protective eye shields to protect the patient’s eyes during the treatment process, and uses a topical numbing cream on the eyelids to reduce any pain or stinging. Each treatment takes only a few minutes, and most patients need to undergo between three and five sessions to achieve noticeable results. At Dr. Katz’s office, each session costs between $600 to $800, and results can last up to five years.

This innovative technique may help many people achieve a more youthful look without surgery, and is performed on an outpatient basis.

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