SmartMoney Offers Tips for Lowering Cost of Cosmetic Procedures

If you’ve been putting off a cosmetic procedure because of a tighter budget this season, offers some helpful tips for paring down that bill.

The first step to take when considering plastic or cosmetic surgery is to check with your health insurance company for options to use your health savings account tor flexible spending account for your procedures. In some cases, you are eligible for a reimbursement for a percentage of the cost of the procedure, and the savings can really add up for pricier procedures in the $1,000 - $5,000+ range.

Another way to save money on your procedure is to pay with cash. If you have the funds available, many doctors offer reduced rates for patients who pay for their entire treatment and fees as a lump sum, upfront payment. Check with your physician to find out what types of payment plans and incentives they offer so that you can save as much as 20% or more on the total cost of your procedures. also recommends being flexible with the timing of your procedure. In some cases, the doctor will be able to offer a discount on services and treatments that are booked at the last-minute, simply to fill their appointment books. If you’re willing to undergo a procedure within a few days or a  week’s time frame, you could cash in on some serious savings.

If you’re still strapped for funds for your procedure, you might also consider patient financing options. CareCredit is a flexible payment program designed specifically for healthcare expenses, including cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. You can choose from no-interest and extended payment plans depending on the type of treatment you are receiving, and what your cosmetic or plastic surgery provider is willing to accept. Use the online payment calculator here to find out how you can make your cosmetic procedure investment more affordable.

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