Botox and Teeth Whitening Top the List for Brides to Be

Many brides to be make their way to the cosmetic surgery clinic or plastic surgery center to prepare for their Big Day, and analysts are saying that the most in-demand procedures for the wedding party includes procedures such as Botox, teeth whitening and non-invasive facial treatments.

A recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that more than 50% of Britain’s brides-to-be and about 39 percent of grooms are considering cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures as they prepare for their wedding.

According to Christiana Clogg, Co-Founder of, “A wedding is the single most important day in plenty of men and women’s lives and a large number want everything to be perfect, including their appearance.” The results of the survey showed that 11 percent of women and 9 percent of men already had some work done prior to their wedding, and the majority of the brides and grooms-to-be simply wanted to feel better about themselves and look good in pictures. (Source:

The most coveted procedures for those who were ready to get married include Botox, teeth whitening, liposuction, breast augmentation and injectable fillers for the bride, and veneers, Botox, hair transplants, liposuction and chest reduction for the groom.

Members of the wedding party are also good candidates for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Many non-invasive procedures can be undertaken about three to four weeks prior to the wedding day to enhance the silhouette or improve the skin tone. Procedures such as VelaShape can help to reduce inches around the waist and thighs and create a more attractive silhouette. Treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or even laser skin resurfacing procedures can help to smooth out lines and wrinkles and freshen up the skin tone.

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