Breast Augmentation a Hot Topic at ASPS Annual Meeting

j0439345The annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons touched upon several hot topics related to emerging technologies, techniques and surgery options for plastic and cosmetic surgery patients around the globe. A significant portion of the event was dedicated to the controversial techniques and emerging technologies used for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast enhancement procedures.

The 2009 Plastic Surgery meeting touched upon several issues such as the implications of fat injections, and what the options were for women who had to have their breasts removed because of breast cancer or an accident. Dr. Robert Grant, a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices in New York City reported that there is definitely a need for more scientific research regarding the effects of fat transfer, and that this procedure does show some positive benefits for cosmetic surgery patients.

Fat transfer can be used to correct deformities of the breast, create more symmetry in the chest area and may also be used as part of a breast augmentation procedure.

Other key issues addressed at the ASPS annual meeting included stem cells that can be used for reconstructive procedures.  Stem cell research has been conducted for breast reconstruction procedures, but also for correcting scars, and for creating new tissue after an injury.

The ASPS meeting is the biggest plastic surgery meeting in the world, and gives surgeons the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry and includes lectures, workshops and presentations.

Breast augmentation continues to be among the most sought-after procedures for women of all ages in the United States, and current techniques and procedures include more than breast implants and fat transfer procedures. Surgeons have found ways to recontour and shape the breasts without surgery, and have also been testing implant-based breast reconstruction procedures using products such as AlloDerm®.

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