Go Wear Fit Armband Monitors Calories for Weight Loss

42-16033672Many people who want to forgo weight loss surgery in hopes of losing weight the natural way work with personal trainers, nutritionists and fitness professionals to stay motivated  and maintain steady weight loss with a weight loss program.

People who are watching their weight and committing to a healthy lifestyle often turn to calorie counters and weight loss journals to keep track of their process. The Go Wear Fit armband has recently been released to the consumer market by Ki Performance and US partner BodyMedia, Incorporated as a way to help people stay motivated and stick with their weight loss goals. The sensory armband is strapped onto the triceps to measure motion, skin temperature, changes in body temperature, and the galvanic skin response.

The reading on the monitoring device tells the person how strenuous a particular activity is, and how many calories they have burned from the activity. Individuals can upload the data collected in the armband into an online account and pay a monthly subscription fee to maintain it. In addition to monitoring calories burned, the Go Wear Fit armband can help individuals log their meals, make sure they are getting enough sleep, and also track the relationship between energy from food and energy that is burned throughout the day.

According to the Go Wear Fit website, the armband lets people decide what’s best for their lifestyle, and set their own personal goals. They can then monitor everything online and see how much progress they’ve made over the course of a week, month or several months at a time. The armband continues to collect data throughout the day, and provides accurate information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The retail price for the Go Wear fit Armband plus the 12-month subscription commitment is $249.90.  More information about the Go Wear Fit armband can be found here.

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