TriPollar RF Technology Effective for Treating Stretch Marks

j0438376Getting rid of stretch marks with topical serums and creams has been deemed impossible by many world-renown dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, but laser technologies may be able to deliver consistent results for all skin types. According to a recent article in Medical News Today, a clinical study proves that the TriPollar Radio Frequency system by Polllogen is effective in treating stretch marks, and the system is one of the most advanced 3rd generation radio-frequency solutions for facial and body contouring on the market.

Results of recent clinical studies have been published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment by Dr. Manuskiattie, tracking the results of seventeen women with stretch marks who underwent six weekly treatments with the TriPollar Apollo device. Patients were assessed after one week and six weeks after the final treatment to determine any changes in the appearance of stretch marks.

According to Dr. Manuskiatti, "Stretch marks are a skin condition that has been traditionally very challenging to treat. The study confirms that collagen remodeling induced by RF heating is an effective mechanism for improving the surface appearance of stretch marks. I am delighted that TriPollar(TM) technology delivered significant measurable results that were maintained during the long term follow-up examination and that patients reported a pain-free and pleasant experience".

Patient satisfaction was also measured in this study, and 65% of patients reported that they were very satisfied with the treatment, while 23% reported they were satisfied and 12% were only slightly satisfied.

The radiofrequency heating system works by breaking down the broken skin tissues and increasing collagen production in the treated area, which helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks in all areas of the body including the upper arms, stomach, thighs and ‘love handle’ area. Pollagen points out that its target market for the treatment is post-pregnancy women that want to get rid of abdominal stretch marks.

Further Reading

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