VASER Lipo May Be Better Choice for Men

CB060675Thousands of men undergo liposuction every year in hopes of achieving a sculpted physique and losing a few extra vanity pounds. However, doctors point out that the effects of liposuction are very different for men than they are in women, and men may be able to achieve better results with certain techniques.

Dr. Paul M. Parker points out that fat accumulates in different ways in men than it does in women. Women typically accumulate fat around their inner and outer thighs, stomach and hips, while men typically accumulate fat on top of their abdominals, ‘love handles’ and the chest area. Since fat is typically denser in the areas where men tend to accumulate extra fatty deposits, they may be able to achieve better results by undergoing the VASER Ultrasonic Liposuction procedure, a treatment that sends ultrasonic energy waves deep into the skin tissues to break up the fat during the extraction process.

VASER Liposuction is also a good choice for women who have stubborn fatty pockets around the ‘love handle’ area and in their buttocks. Still,  men that want to achieve the sculpted six-pack abs and get rid of excess fat around their chest and love handle area may be able to achieve better, natural-looking results with the ultrasonic laser technique as opposed to conventional liposuction treatments.

The VASER procedure can also be performed on the face and neck area to remove extra fatty deposits around the jawline. Many men accumulate fat under the jaw area, and this can add years to their appearance. The VASER liposuction procedure can be customized to get rid of smaller pockets of fat around the face and neck without causing excessive trauma to the surrounding skin tissues.

As always, it’s important to find a board-certified liposuction doctor who has extensive experience in performing the VASER liposuction procedure.


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