Laser Bra Technique for Breast Reduction Offers Several Benefits

42-16033288The conventional breast reduction procedure is among the most extensive plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States, but some surgeons are adapting a new technique that can deliver great results without requiring hours in the operation room.

The Laser Bra method for breast reduction surgery offers beautiful results and faster recovery times than conventional procedures, and may be a valuable option for women who don’t want to deal with extensive downtime associated with the surgery.

According to Dr. David Stoker of Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, the Laser Bra method, developed by Dr. Grant Stevens, is more preferable over the scalpel because it is more reliable, more effective, and offers several distinct advantages. Some of the key benefits of the Laser Bra technique include: the maintenance of the natural breast shape, preserves blood flow and promotes faster healing times, and delivers natural looking results.

The Laser Bra technique can also be used as part of a breast lift procedure to correct sagging or misshapen breasts. It works by creating an internal support system to lift the breast upwards in a natural position, and help them stay looking firm and attractive without additional surgery required.

Some of the best candidates for laser bra breast surgery include women who have nipple sensitivity; women with very large breasts that are causing health and medical problems; and women are especially self-conscious about the size and shape of their breasts.

Not all surgeons are experienced in the Laser Bra procedure, so anyone interested in pursuing this treatment will need to research board-certified doctors in their area and review before and after pictures to determine if the surgeon is capable of achieving good results. The Laser Bra procedure can be performed at an outpatient surgery center or a hospital, and takes approximately two hours.

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