Massachusetts Pharmaceutical Company Begins Clinical Trials on Anti-Aging Drug

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on cosmetic surgery procedures that reverse the signs of aging, and on vitamin supplements that promote longevity and well-being. However, tapping into the ‘fountain of youth’ may soon be as easy as taking a pill.

According to a recent study by scientists at the Sirtis Pharmaceuticals center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a class of drugs called sirtuin activators may have an anti-aging effect that increases the lifespan.  In recent years, scientists have been documenting the effects of calorie restriction and genetic modifications of single gene. Both of these strategies show that these changes can bypass the natural aging process and increase the lifespan by as much as 40 percent.

Sirtuin activators may have a similar effect, and clinical trials of the drug Resveratrol show that doses may help to slow down the aging process and protect the body from certain diseases. While the drug has yet to be proven in a large-scale clinical trial, scientists are hopeful that this could be the ‘miracle pill’ that we’ve been looking for.

According to a recent article in, other companies are making attempts to replicate the effects of Resveratrol and produce supplements and drugs that may also slow down aging and the onset of age-related disorders. Drugs such as Juvenon, a cellular health supplement, is being developed at the University of California, Berkeley and will be marketed as a dietary supplement. This will prevent it from being subject to pre-market clearance that is required of standard drugs on the market.

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals is another company that is diving into the anti-aging research market. BioMarker is focusing its efforts on translating the discovery of genes responsible for age-ralted diseases and for triggering the aging process, and are working on wellness products that may slow down the aging process.

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