Allergan Sending Out Rebates to Botox Consumers

j0439600For the average consumer, every dollar saved counts in the midst of a recession. Recent statistics show that many people are foregoing pricey plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in order to save money, but some are still opting for more affordable treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to maintain their youthful looks.

Allergan, the company that makes Botox Cosmetic, has recently launched a rebate campaign to stimulate even more interest and sales for the popular dermal filler.

The rebate program is part of a ‘Botox stimulus’ plan through September 30, 2009. Botox patients can get $50 cash back when they spend at least $200 on Botox and receive their injection between June 30, 2009 and September 30, 2009.

In order to receive the rebate, the patient must send in an itemized receipt of their treatment, the special redemption code listed on the rebate form, the Botox vial lot number, indicate their date of treatment, and also include the doctor’s name and signature as proof that the injection was administered on that specific time and date.

Allergan encourages patients to get their Botox injection every 3 months, so patients who do go in for a second treatment during the rebate program period will qualify for another $50 rebate. They will need to complete all rebate forms and provide the same information as their first treatment, and include details about the date and time of their second treatment.

Botox costs approximately $300 - $400+ per injection in the United States, depending on the medical spa or cosmetic surgery center. The injectable filler has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and continues to the most sought-after minimally-invasive procedure for men and women in the United States. The rebate program may help Botox capture some budget-conscious consumers and generate more interest in this popular anti-aging treatment.

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