Zerona Laser Promises Weight Loss without Surgery

If a few pounds of body fat around the thighs, hips and stomach aren’t responding to diet or exercise, liposuction may not be your only option. While liposuction does offer permanent fat removal, there are several risks involved and the procedure can be very painful. The Zerona laser promises ‘painless liposuction’ with its innovative technology. It was approved by the FDA five years ago, and has slowly become a popular non-surgical treatment for those who want to get rid of body fat without surgery.

The Zerona laser works by melting the fat cells and breaking down fatty tissues from the outside. The energy of the laser is powerful enough to break down only fatty tissues, so none of the surrounding tissues and cells are traumatized. It’s important to note that the Zerona laser is a cold laser that uses energy waves to emulsify the fat; this means there is no risk of burning or scarred skin that is often the case with heat-based lasers. The procedure is designed to be a body-sculpting and contouring procedure, and the manufacturers of the laser claim that patients do not need to worry about any downtime.

The Zerona laser was recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show.  Dr. Alan Bauman of the Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, Florida is one of the first surgeons in the United States to offer this procedure. His website claims that the procedure is 100% painless, and patients require about six 40-minute treatments over the course of two weeks to see a difference. There is no pain, swelling or needles involved, and the procedure can be performed on the neck, back, knees and arms.

You can learn more about the Zerona laser with this clip from the Channel 10 News in South Florida:


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