Testosterone Deemed Essential for Anti-Aging

j0321088While anti-aging pills and supplements promise to help reduce the effects of the aging process and combat fatigue, memory loss and other health problems, there may be a better solution. Doctors have confirmed that testosterone, and not estrogen as previously assumed, is the real “vitality” hormone, and that many women in particular can benefit from testosterone hormone therapy.

Dr. Rebecca Glaser, a breast cancer surgeon in Dayton, Ohio and anti-aging specialist, recently reported that women feel better after their menstrual cycle when estrogen levels are at their lowest.  When estrogen levels are too high, most women experience breast pain, fluid retention and severe PMS symptoms.

Dr. Glaser turns to a study to support her theory that testosterone is the necessary hormone for those who want to combat the effects of aging. This study shows that women between the ages of 33 and 74 were able to improve several severe symptoms including anxiety, physical exhaustion, heart discomfort, sleep problems and memory loss simply by using a small ‘pellet’ implant of testosterone that was placed under the skin. Increased levels of testosterone can also decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, and prevent the growth of breast tissue that is often caused by estrogen.

This pellet provides a continuous delivery of testosterone, and keeps hormone levels in balance. The procedure itself is relatively painless, and the woman cannot feel the pellet once it is inserted.

Some women may also benefit from making some dietary changes. Certain foods can increase testosterone levels naturally; these include bananas, raw oysters, cheese, brown rice, eggs, asparagus, and salmon.

Dr. Glaser points out that hormone therapy isn’t just designed for women who are going through menopause, and that many women can benefit from testosterone therapy. Testosterone pellet implants may be the missing link for many women struggling with sexual problems, exhaustion, joint pain and other health problems associated with aging.

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