SmartLipo Can Be Performed by Non-Certified Surgeons

42-15530385Thousands of men and women undergo the SmartLipo procedure each year, an innovative alternative to conventional liposuction that can be performed under local anesthesia.

SmartLipo demands very little downtime and can be performed in just a few hours; the procedure involves making a very small incision and then extracting the fat by melting it with a heated device before extraction. This results in a lower risk of injury to the surrounding tissues, and may also produce more natural-looking results.

In many cases, SmartLipo is performed by a board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon, but some patients do not do enough research on the doctor or person who will be performing the procedure, to verify how much experience the professional really has.

According to a recent report in the Charlotte Observer, some of the most popular procedures – including SmartLipo – are performed by doctors who have only completed a weekend training program for the procedure, and are ‘comfortable and confident’ in going ahead with the surgery. Dr. Bruce Marko, a certified ob-gyn, shifted gears to perform liposuction, hair transplants and other cosmetic surgery procedures just to keep his practice humming along.

He has admitted that he took a two-day course for Smart Lipo, and can therefore perform the surgery. Dr. Bruce Marko is not a board-certified plastic surgeon, nor is he a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. However, he does hold the ‘credentials’ to perform the SmartLipo procedure on any patient.

While Dr. Marko may be especially skilled in performing this innovative liposuction procedure, many patients may put themselves at risk if they work with a surgeon with very minimal experience. Determining whether the surgeon is board certified in plastic and/or cosmetic surgery is an important step for any prospective liposuction patient, especially if they are undergoing one of the newer, ‘next generation’ procedures.

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