Plastic Surgery TV Channel Offers Edutainment for Prospective Patients

42-17253129While plastic and cosmetic surgery resource websites provide up-to-date information about procedures and news about the industry, many patients prefer to learn with videos and presentations.

Advances in technology have made plastic and cosmetic surgery more affordable over the past decade, and more consumers are looking for information about procedures, and want to know what to expect.

The Plastic Surgery Channel is an online television network that allows patients to learn about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery from the comforts of home. Programming includes questions and answers about common procedures, tips on maintaining results after surgery, and options to listen in on doctor’s advice and learn about the latest trends for procedures.

Programs include patient information and video features for today’s most common procedures such as breast implants, facelifts, liposuction and anti-aging treatments. Viewers can tune in any time of day to watch a newscast, learn about the procedure process, and post comments on various videos.

The Plastic Surgery Channel was founded by Craig Thompson, an IPTV expert, and Dr. William P. Adams, Jr., a world renowned plastic surgeon. Instead of presenting plastic and cosmetic surgery as a glamorous and celebrity-only process, this TV channel showcases procedures objectively and provides more accurate information.  The online program made its debut at the Aesthetic Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery this week, and will continue to feature a newscast hosted by Lindsay Hall. There are currently over 40 cosmetic procedures listed on the site, and the broadcasts are available 24/7.

Patients can leave comments for doctors who are sharing their insights about different procedures on the site, but user participation is limited. The Plastic Surgery Channel is designed to provide solid information about the industry, and present the latest plastic surgery advances and techniques in a fresh, innovative format.

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