Smartlipo MPX Unveiled in Maryland

photo-smartlipo-mpxThe Smartlipo MPX liposuction procedure has recently been unveiled by Cynosure, the makers of the Smartlipo system and is currently available at a Maryland plastic surgery center. Smartlipo MPX is an advanced version of liposuction that promises faster recovery times, and less injuries to surrounding tissues.

The Smartlipo procedure has become a popular fat removal procedure around the country, but SmartLipo MPX is the ‘next generation’ system for laser body sculpting because it uses two wavelengths of energy to melt the fat cells and tighten the skin tissues.  The MPX technology also gives the surgeon more control during surgery, which may reduce the risk of injury and trauma to the surrounding tissues.

The Smartlipo MPX system made its debut in Maryland at the Columbia Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the end of March 2009.  The first procedure was performed by Dr. Eric Chang, a surgeon who has several years of experience performing liposuction, and one of only a handful of surgeons who has been trained to use the MPX system.  Dr. Chang says that the biggest benefit of the Smartlipo MPX system is that it removes fat cells easily and also stimulates tissue tightening.  The reduced recovery time also means that there is less fluid retention which often leads to postsurgical discomfort.

In a recent press release, Dr. Chang says he is excited to use the Smartlipo MPX system because it clearly has several advantages over conventional liposuction and even the original Smartlipo procedure.  He currently uses Smartlipo for women who want to get rid of trouble spots after pregnancy, or for people who want to undergo a tummy tuck and need extensive fat removal.  The Smartlipo MPX will allow him to perform these procedures with greater accuracy, and in many cases, with far better results.

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