MACS Facelift Offers Promising Results for Aging Skin

j0284951A unique European facelift technique has already transformed thousands of faces, and is now making waves in the United States.  The MACS facelift is an innovative facelift procedure that promises little recovery time and a reduced risk of scarring.  It was designed by two Belgian surgeons to address the problem of scarring and discomfort associated with the conventional facelift, and so far, has shown some dramatic results.

In a traditional face lift, the skin and facial tissue is pulled up at an oblique angle, and the tension creates very unnatural results.  Many patients who undergo the conventional facelift procedure notice that their eyes and sides of their mouth are now turned up at a peculiar angle.  In most cases, the patient also looks like they had surgery done.  The MACS face lift in contrast does not use extensive incisions or deep tissue manipulation, and will not pull the skin upward with such an angle.  So far, it has shown impressive results that look natural and still last as long as conventional procedures.

Dr. Donald Kress, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Maryland, recently shared his thoughts about the procedure.  "Older approaches to face lift were problematic and time-consuming for both the surgeon and the patient. In some instances those techniques are necessary, but they often posed additional problems because they can compromise the integrity and shape of the face. You only have to look at celebrity photos in the checkout lane of the supermarket to see the kind of unnatural results associated with some of these older techniques." (Source:

The MACS lift uses suspension sutures that are embedded into the skin so that when the skin heals, the sutures naturally tighten the facial tissues and create a more contoured appearance.  MACS techniques are already widely used in Europe, and are slowly trickling into plastic surgery centers around the United States.

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