New Wave of Beauty Innovations Presented at AAAS Annual Meeting

42-16020607The AAAS Annual Meeting took place in Chicago from February 12-16, 2009 to provide some insights on the latest beauty innovations on the horizon.Scientists from P&G Beauty & Grooming presented research and product demonstrations for several advanced beauty and grooming products, giving show attendees a preview of some of the latest technologies and products for anti aging, skin rejuvenation and facial enhancement.

According to a press release about the event from Medical News Today, top topics included:color science, genomics of skin aging, hair science and grooming science.

The color science presentation provided information on how skin defects such as under eye circles, age spots and skin discoloration vary across different populations and regions, and how this knowledge can be used to create natural-looking cosmetic foundation.Light absorption and light scattering principles are some of the key factors involved when using cosmetic foundation to hide flaws and create a natural appearance, and researchers are focusing on ways to optimize compounds in foundation so that it can provide the most flawless finish.

The genomics presentation offered insights on how gene expression patterns can change when exposed to the sun, and how this effects the aging process.UV light and photo-aging are of tremendous concern to those who live in sunny environments, and the next generation of products may include age reversal and intensive photofacial treatments.

The hair science presentation covered topics about how hair becomes damaged, and what products can help to restore or strengthen the hair fibers.Coloring, bleaching and excessive sun exposure are some of the most damaging factors of all hair types, and researchers are working on liquid crystal technology solutions that may be able to prevent or reverse some of this damage.

Finally, the grooming science presentation took a close look at the value of five-blade razors, a concept that has taken almost 90 years to perfect.Multi-blade razors may be able to produce a very close shave and leave the skin looking flawless and smooth.This could set a new standard or the grooming industry, and is currently under development by P&G.

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