Joan Rivers Releases Plastic Surgery Book

joan-rivers-bookShe's not one to be shy about plastic surgery and the dozens of procedures that she's had over the course of her lifetime.  Joan Rivers is has become the 'plastic surgery queen' of American culture, a celebrity who has had over a dozen cosmetic and plastic procedures and isn't ashamed to admit that fact to the masses.

Rivers has recently released her book, "Men Are Stupid...And They Like Big Boobs" which serves as a woman's guide to beauty through plastic surgery.

An avid supporter of the nip and tuck, Joan Rivers explains why it's necessary to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. For people with low self-esteem, Rivers proudly proclaims that 'plastic surgery is cheaper than therapy'.

The book is partly comedy, and partly informative with its insiders look at the plastic and cosmetic surgery and Rivers' personal anecdotes about getting that next procedure.  She believes that keeping up appearances is 'vital' to surviving in the twenty-first century, and that working on one's outer appearance is nothing to be ashamed about.

A recent interview about her book on reveals more information about the author.  Joan Rivers confirms that she has spent at least $80,000 on surgery over the years, and that her only regret so far has been liposuction which didn't get her the results she wanted.

Ms. Rivers also explains that one of hte biggest differences between men and women having plastic surgery comes down to when the candidate goes ahead with teh procedure.  Most men, according to Rivers, wait until they really need it, but women should be getting their procedure when they're younger as a preventive measure for the aing process. also posed the following question: "Why won't other celebrities own up to having work done?", to which Rivers responded, "Women will tell you about their sex life and how much money they have in the bank. But if you ask, "So who did your eyes?", they'll say, "I didn't have anything done!". Their whole ego is wrapped up in, "I am a natural beauty and you're not."

Joan Rivers' plastic surgery book is now available on and booksellers around the country; it retails for $25.00.

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