ASPS Reports Wrinkles the Result of Environment, Not Genetics

While many dermatologists and skincare professionals have blamed wrinkles on genes, recent research shows that the environment may be the real cause of concern for those who are worried about premature wrinkles.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) published the results of a study in its official medical journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, that reveals the key factors contributing to wrinkles.

The study shows that major life changes that trigger stress may play a role in how fast we age.  Divorce, death of a loved one or other situations that cause depression - and the use of antidepressants - can take their toll on our skin and well-being, and accelerate the aging process.

This particular study was conducted by reveiwing the lifestyles and physicial effects of identical twins who had significantly different life experiences.  Researchers reviewed digital images of over 180 pairs of identical twins, and confirmed that the presence of stress was the leading cause of facial sagging, wrinkles and even weight gain.  Those who had been divorced also looked older than their twin who was married or single, and those who weighed more than their twin also appeared to be a few years older. (Source: Medical News Today)

Premature aging has been linked to several conditions including poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits and poor skincare management.  However, this study confirms that there may be additional factors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.

Still, there are many ways to rejuvenate the face and erase many signs of aging.  Dermal fillers sch as Restylane and Juvederm continue to be among the most sought-after cosmetic enhancements for those who want to tighten up sagging skin and say goodbye to crow's feet.  More intensive procedures such as facelift surgery or skin tightening treatments can also help turn back the clock.

Patients can undergo a mini-facelift to tighten up loose skin, or get rid of wrinkles and lines with the help of Thermage skin tightening treatments that help to boost collagen.

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  • Khloe Kardashian made headlines recently after the paparazzi caught her with the infamous “trout pout” – the result of too many injectable fillers in the lips. Kim Kardashian’s younger sister appeared to have some very swollen and lumpy lips after leaving a Beverly Hills salon last week and many are suspecting that that star had cosmetic surgery. Celebrity plastic surgery doctor Dr. Anthony Youn did not treat Khloe Kardashian but believes that the star did have some type of injectable filler. He tells, “Khloe has a trout pout! The excessively plump appearance of her lips could be due to injections of a filler like Juvederm. Her upper lip is larger than her lower lip, causing her mouth to resemble a trout’s. Most injectable fillers last about 6 months in the lips, so given enough time we may see her lips shrink to a smaller and more typical size.” Another plastic surgery doctor, Dr. Michael Fiorellio who is based in New York City, made a similar conclusion. He suspects that Khloe had some type of filler treatment because, “Her lips look swollen and bruised. The product looks lumpy as well”. Dr. Fiorellio is suggesting that this Kardashian sister had either Juvederm or Restylane injections to make her lips appear larger and fuller. Injectable fillers are among the most popular types of non-invasive cosmetic enhancements around the country, and are an attractive option for women who want to add volume to their lips, fill out hollows in their cheeks, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. They’re also more affordable than having surgery and can be a convenient option for those who don’t want to deal with the long downtime and recovery process associate with a surgical procedure like lip implants or a facelift.