Body Jet Liposuction Promises Quick Recovery for Bathing Suit Season

bathing-suitWith bathing suit season fast approaching, many beach-goers are anxious to bare it all with confidence this season and are preparing for a spring makeover with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic enhancements that do not involve extensive surgery or downtime make it easier to slip into that bathing suit within a few weeks.  Body Jet liposuction  is one of several fat-removal treatments that can help achieve that ideal beach body, and is a body contouring technique that involves very little recovery time.

Body jet liposuction, also known as Water Jet Liposuction (WAL) is different from conventional liposuction procedures because of the way the fat is suctioned out of the body.  Instead of injecting high volumes of saline solution into the tissues to reach the fatty areas, the surgeon can use a water-spray device that simultaneously injects water into the body while taking the fat out.  The surgeon controls the amount of pressure used throughout the procedure, and the fatty deposits are broken down quickly and efficiently within seconds. This process causes much less swelling and discomfort, and the procedure can be performed under local anesthetic. The results are significant, and few patients experience extensive bruising or discomfort immediately after the procedure.

Since the incision sites are relatively small, patients can heal and recover easily within a few weeks and sport a bathing suit without worrying too much about scars. Some patients report a significant reduction in cellulite in addition to body fat removal; this can be especially beneficial for individuals who are of average weight and want to get rid of unsightly bulges while losing the excess pounds.

Conventional liposuction techniques do not necessarily get rid of cellulite, and many liposuction patients pursue other treatments such as VelaSmooth or endermologie to optimize results.  With the Body Jet procedure, patients can see results immediately, and may not not need to wear compression garments during the healing period.

The Body Jet liposuction technique is a relatively new procedure in the United States, but has had significant success in Europe.  Only a handful of skilled surgeons in the U.S. have had extensive experience with this technique,  but those that are confident with the procedure are able to sculpt and trim down the body relatively easily.

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