Bal Harbour Plastic Surgeon Hosts Plastic Surgery Runway Show

bal-harbor-plastic-surgeonA plastic surgeon in Bal Harbour recently hosted a plastic surgery runway event to show off some of his latest work and encourage guests to pursue the latest procedure.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the same plastic surgeon who authored the book My Beautiful Mommy that spurred controversy in early 2008, was eager to do a live 'before and after' demonstration with patients he had worked on this past year. The fashion event gave patients a chance to show off their new looks  as they paraded down the runway with models from an area modeling agency.

The event took place at the surgeons five-story plastic surgery center and was deemed a 'Silicone Celebration' by the Miami New Times. The show featured live music by local DJs along with refreshments and cocktails for all gala guests.

Dr. Salzhauer claims that the Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands have been named Silicon Alley for several years as more people head south for their breast enhancement procedure.  Dr. Salzhauer achieved national recognition with the release of his controversial book, one that critics claimed sent the wrong message about body image to both children and mothers.  Still, the doctor continues to promote the benefits of breast enhancement and plastic surgery as a means to boost self-esteem, and pointed out that many of the patients who modeled at his show could never have made it without their surgery.

In addition to the show, prospective patients had a chance to meet the doctor and learn more about different procedures with an informational session and bulletin board pasted with before and after pictures. The formal event also allowed attendees to socialize with current patients and the staff of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates.

While celebrities continue to parade down the red carpet with picture-perfect looks - thanks to their favorite plastic surgeon - many people may enjoy similar results from a highly skilled surgeon.  A-list plastic surgeons in cities such as Miami, Beverly Hills, New York City and Chicago are helping hundreds of people achieve their ideal figures and reverse the signs of aging.

Fashion shows and informational sessions like these can answer many burning questions about plastic surgery, and give patients a chance to see before and after photos of successful procedures to aid in the decision-making process.

(Photo courtesy of the Miami New Times)

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