Water-Jet Liposuction May Help Get Rid of Cellulite

Water-jet liposuction was introduced in late 2007 by a German plastic surgeon, a procedure that dislodges fat cells using high water pressure while removing excess fatty tissue.  The technique was introduced at the Simply Aesthetic clinic in Singapore later that year, and many plastic surgeons in the U.S. have been paying attention to the progress and development of this unique technique since. Now, some surgeons believe that the procedure may be able to help patients get rid of cellulite, the stubborn pockets of fat that become embedded directly under the skin tissue.

Conventional liposuction techniques cannot get rid of cellulite completely because liposuction only removes fatty tissue around the muscles.  Some  liposuction patients report an increase in cellulite after fat removal surgery because the skin becomes loose, saggy and existing cellulite becomes more pronounced.

Water-jet liposuction works by breaking apart existing cellulite so that it can be reached easily with the suction device during surgery. The technique may allow some doctors to deliver a more precise and safer treatment, and also reduce the risk of developing unsightly cellulite.  The high water jets are applied around the fatty tissue and fatty deposits to turn them into a gelatinous state; the cannula is inserted just 5mm under the skin's surface so that the surgeon can maneuver around the fatty tissues with ease.  This also allows the surgeon to get rid of all excess body fat while leave the surrounding tissues intact.

According to Plasmetic.com, water-jet liposuction may be a good match for patients who need to remove large volumes of fat but do not want to have dimpled skin after the procedure.  Since there is little trauma to the surrounding tissues, the skin has a better chance of healing and recovering quickly. The procedure does not require extensive anesthesia, and an be performed within a few hours.

The Body Jet system has been introduced to several doctors in the United States, and is proving to be an effective body sculpting procedure abroad.

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