Dermo-Analyzer Helps Assess Skin Conditions

vichy-dermo-analyzerMany dermatologists and aestheticians use skin analysis tools to determine the condition of the skin and offer treatment options for their patients.

However, many of these tools only provide information about the top layer, or dermis of the skin.  Dermatologists may soon be able to assess the condition of deeper layers of the skin using a device known as the Dermo-Analyzer.

Key indicators of aging skin include extensive dehydration, pigmentation, sun spots, acne scars that do not heal, and a patchy or uneven skin tone. The Dermo-Analyzer is designed to  compile these conditions and determine the individual's skin type within minutes.  The device is capable of providing detailed feedback about the condition of the skin based on the skin's oil distribution, color, type and light sensitivity.  The tests are used to determine the 'real age' of the skin, and identify any signs of premature aging.

The machine was introduced to skin practitioners and the public at the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay in December 2008, and is currently available as part of the Derma Skincare Centre treatment plan. Dermatologists often use computer-assisted skin analysis machines and computer imaging software to 'grade' the condition of the skin and make recommendations for appropriate treatments.

The Dermo-Analyzer is part of a state-of-the-art skincare centre that uses data from over 7,000 people. The Standardreports that: "The six main tests are for skin age, color, sensitivity type, sensitivity to light, moisturization and oil distribution. Using the data, pharmacists and skin-care advisers can offer tailor-made treatments to each individual customer.

Vichy and La-Roche Posay, the skincare company that created the device currently offer in-depth skin analysis tools on their website.  Patients answer a series of questions about their skin type to determine what their skin type is, and what products may be most suitable for them.  Questions cover the topics of acne, dehydration, aging and sun sensitivities; the Dermo-Analyzer device may help speed up this process and help skincare specialists offer a more comprehensive skin analysis and consultation.

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