Free Radicals May Not Be Linked to Aging Process

agingHealth and wellness experts have long claimed that free radicals are the 'aging accelerators' that can lead to many common diseases and skin conditions associated with the aging process.

However, researchers at the Institute of Healthy Aging University College in the U.K. have recently revealed their findings about free radicals and claim that antioxidants do not have a significant impact on degenerating cells.

The results of the research were disclosed in the November 2008 issue of the Genes & Development publication, and the conclusion states that oxidative damage is not necessarily linked to the ageing process.  The tests were performed on nematode worms to find out which processes were involved in removing free radicals from the body.  The worm's ability to flush away toxins and 'superoxides' did not have any effect on the worm's lifespan, which may mean that the process of reducing oxidative damage may not be as harmful as was once thought.

Many skincare specialists and anti-aging physicians have claimed that products and treatments that contain antioxidants can help slow down the aging process and even eliminate the signs of aging.

Cosmetics and skincare products are often marketed as having 'anti-aging' properties because of the high levels of antixodants on the ingredients list.  However, this study may be a basis for disproving these claims; the aging process may not be linked to free radicals, but may and products that have antioxdants may be relatively ineffective.

In most cases, the signs of aging are a result of genetics and lifestyle habits.  Healthy skin management may reduce the effects of aging by ensuring optimal collagen production and protecting pores and skin cells.  Genes are largely responsible for the development of wrinkles and the extent of skin damage with age.  An anti-aging specialist can determine the extent of damage and recommend treatments that may help slow down or reverse some of the signs of skin damage; using products with antioxidants may not be a viable strategy.

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