Fibroblast Injections May Be Lasting Anti-Aging Solution

Collagen injections and synthetic dermal fillers continue to be popular non-surgical treatments for individuals who want to get rid of wrinkles and eliminate the signs of aging.

However, researchers are reporting positive results with injections of fibroblasts - skin cells that promote collagen growth - and are confirming that this procedure may be one of the most safe and effective ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

According to Isolagen Inc., a company that specializes in anti aging and skincare treatments, Autologous Cell Therapy (ACT) may be an advanced solution for eliminating wrinkles using the patient's own fibroblasts. Recent studies involved administering two treatments of Isolagen Therapy into the facial wrinkles and lines on 40 subjects. Results were positive for all candidates, and most reported a noticeable improvement in the quality of their skin within a few weeks. 83 percent of the subjects reported diminishing wrinkles and fine lines after just six months. (Source: Cosmetic Surgery Times)

The entire process of collecting, storing and administering fibroblasts may be more costly than conventional dermal fillers and fat injections, but the results may be worth the extra investement. Autologous therapy is already avaialble in Europe, and has been providing consistent results with little to no side effects for several years. The FDA has not approved the treatment for Isolagen to launch its products in the United States, but several in-depth studies and assessments are underway.

Anti-aging experts say that it's important to understand the distinct difference between conventional fillers and the Isolagen product; fillers help to increase tissue size and volume, while Isolagen helps restore damaged cells using the patient's own cells. Results from Isolagen treatments may also look more natural and last longer than the 6 - 18 month timeframe of synthetic fillers.

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