Nearly 40% of Men Want Wives to Have Liposuction

Thousands of women undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery each here in hopes of looking more attractive, erasing the signs of aging and even improving their marriage. Researchers are now confirming that plastic surgery does improve a person's love life, and could even save their marriage.

The Harley Medical Group of the UK recently reported that more than one in five men surveyed want their wives to have plastic surgery. The Group reports that;

"Almost a third of the men surveyed said if their wife were to undergo cosmetic surgery it would improve their sex life, while 19% thought that plastic surgery could save their marriage. Nearly a quarter of the men said they miss the body their wife had when they first met."

Of all the different cosmetic surgery procedures available, liposuction (tummy and legs) and breast enlargement were the most important for men. Getting a face lift, neck lift or rhinoplasty was near the bottom of the list, and the buttocks lift was only important to 6% of those surveyed. These procedures were listed as the most important because they can help a woman maintain her youthful appearance and get rid of excess weight that often accompanies aging.

In most cases, men were willing to pay for the entire procedure, but The Harley Medical Group reports only 25% of those surveyed would even consider having plastic or cosmetic surgery done to improve their own appearance.

The Harley Medical Group conducts similar studies throughout the year to assess the overall public perception about plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.  This particular study was completed before the release of the operetta called 'Skin Deep' which opens in Leeds, UK in January 2009.

(Source: Harley Medical News)

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