Fewer Patients Casting Eyes on LASIK During Tough Economy

lasik1As more Americans continue to tighten up their expense budgets during the touch economic times, investing in cosmetic procedure or LASIK surgery is becoming less of a priority. BusinessWeek.com recently reported that the number of LASIK surgeries performed by one of the nation's leading LASIK providers is bottoming out as more people are using their disposable income on necessities, not luxuries.

Vision correction procedures continue to be one of the most popular types of elective surgery for men and women of all ages, but are still considered to be a 'luxury' investment.  Advancements in technology and innovative, 'quick-fix' vision correction procedures continue to attract the attention of prospective LASIK candidates from all over the world, but many of these patients are simply pushing their purchase back a few months.

LASIK is just one of several elective surgery procedures taking a backseat during troubled times; prospective patients are either waiting until later next year to go ahead with their procedure, or turning to an affordable payment plan so that they can get the treatment they need.  Many indepedent LASIK surgeons are offering extended payment plans and interest-free packages just to get patients in the door.  Others are simply waiting out the tough time and focusing on marketing and advertising the benefits of LASIK, regardless of the total cost.

In some cases, people are dealying any type of procedure altogether.  According to Kevin Ellich, a health services analyst at RBC Capital Markets in Minneapolis,

"People are delaying or forgoing needed medical procedures, not just elective stuff.  The first things to go are high, out-of-pocket discretionary procedures.  Not many people have $3,000 - $4,000-plus to put into LASIK these days." (Source: BusinessWeek.com)

Other types of elective surgery feeling the pinch from the economy include cosmetic dentistry, BOTOX and cosmetic enhancement treatments, and plastic surgery - even breast implants.

Further Reading

  • Many diabetics struggle with keeping their blood sugar levels under control to maintain a steady level of energy and prevent many diseases.  Now, researchers confirm that blood sugar also plays an important role in maintaining healthy eyes, and diabetics can reduce their risk of vision loss by making changes in their diet and lifestyle.

  • LASIK and laser eye surgery procedures continue to be a popular option for treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but not everyone meets the requirements for this procedure. Conductive keratoplasty (CK) is one of the newest forms of refractive surgery and unlike other forms of eye surgery, uses radio waves and heat energy to reduce the size of the connective tissues around the cornea. This procedure is designed for patients suffering from hyperopia and presbyopia. The latest clinical results show that CK can produce more stable results than previously, and is now widely accepted by laser eye surgeons around the United States.

  • Twilight actress Judi Shekoni recently underwent the LASIK vision correction procedure at a Beverly Hills LASIK center and is now enjoying the successful outcome. The procedure was performed by LASIK eye surgery specialist Dr. Khanna, and involved a two-step process. Ms. Shekoni, who plays vampire Zafrina on the Twilight show, reports that she was a “nervous passenger” while undergoing the procedure but it was completely painless.