Celluvation Promises Face Lift in a Bottle

celluvationFacial products such as masks, creams, gels and serums that promise to stop the clock and reduce the signs of aging continue to lead the beauty and skin industry, but is the fountain of youth really availabe in a bottle?

The makers of Celluvation say yes, claiming that their line of facial products can enhance the skin from inside out.  Instead of using harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients in their products, the company behind Celluvation promises a fresh and pure feeling with a special water-based formula.  The water is mixed with a powder to form a gel, and this can then be applied to the face as a mask.  All ingredients are from natural sources, and the powder contains minerals and antioxidant-rich ingredients such as white seaweed, glycine glutamine, histidine, amino acids, copper, tryptophan, zinc and glycol-protein.

The mask is designed to close up large pores, reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin so it looks fresh and clean.  In addition to using the mask, individuals can use the Celluvation Accelerator, a rich serum that helps maintain a natural, healthy glow and also hydrates the skin with essential ingredients. Together, these natural products may help improve the overall texture and tone of the skin.

Some of today's leading brands that promise to increase cell turnover and keep the skin looking young and beautiful include SkinMD, Dr. Hauschka, Pevonia, CosMedix and Obagi.

Obagi products and the exclusive Obagi facial can be found at many cosmetic surgery centers and dermatologist's offices, and continues to offer promising results.  However, product lines such as Obagi can cost up to $400 or more for a few months supply of product, and some skin types may not react positively to the treatment.

Celluvation offers an affordable alternative for women interested in reviving dull and lifeless skin and rejuvenating their appearance.  The starter kit costs $199 which includes bottles of Celluvation Energized Water and a jar of Celluvation Powder.  More information about the products can be found here.

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