Mommy Makeovers On Hold During Troubled Economy

As the dismal state of the economy causes many consumers to tighten up their wallets and cut back on luxury expenses, cosmetic surgeons across the country are reporting a dramatic decline in demand for once-popular procedures.  Liposuction, breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation procedures - the key elements of the 'Mommy Makeover' - are no longer a top priority for millions of women interested in achieving their pre-pregnancy bodies with cosmetic surgery.

The cost of the typical Mommy Makeover package ranges anywhere from $10,000 - $18,000+ depending on the surgeon, extent of the surgery and types of procedures involved.  Many women simply cannot afford to pay for the extensive makeover during the tough economic times, and many are resorting to low-cost alternatives instead.

Plastic surgeons are reporting a steady increase in demand for nonsurgical treatments such as Restylane and Juvederm as an alternative to facelift surgery, and VelaShape and Thermage for skin tightening - alternatives to liposuction and surgical body contouring procedures. According to Dr. Michael Wojtanowski, the Director of the Ohio Clinic of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in Westlake, there is definitely a bright side to the economic slump.

"With all the negative things in the world, I think people need a little bit of a boost. Vanity is not really the issue here. These things that we do are image enhancers, they're self-confidence boosters. These are the baby steps to sort of help people feel good. 'At least I can get my Botox.' "(Source: HealthNews via

To counteract the decline in demand, plastic and cosmetic surgeons are looking for new ways to attract new patients by offering attractive patient financing options and even reducing rates on custom packages.

Still, the Mommy Makeover may simply have to wait until the economy improves and cosmetic surgery once again becomes a viable investment.

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