PurTox Trials Underway - The New Face of Botox?

Botox is one of the most coveted non-surgical cosmetic enhancements for men and women who want to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

However, recent reports of bad Botox procedures and a noticeable increase in 'bargain Botox' scams has many patients looking for alternative solutions to the popular wrinkle-fighting injectable.  Mentor Corporation has been working an alternative to Botox called PurTox for several years, and has recently completed the first set of clinical trials in its Phase III study.

PurTox is a purified form of Botox that promises to offers a similar outcome of the popular dermal filler - reducing wrinkles on the forehead, smoothing out the skin and even getting rid of laugh lines in the short-term.  PurTox is a branded form of Botox, and differentiates itself from the conventional Botox treatment based on how long the results last and how quickly it starts to work.

The recent trial involved 400 patients who received a single treatment with either PurTox or a placebo.  According to Cosmetic Surgery Times, "a very large percentage of subjects expressed a high degree of satisfaction with treatment outcome."

After the second and third sets of trials for Phase 3 are complete, Mentor Corporation will be able to file a Biologics License Application for FDA approval.  If approved, PurTox could be one of several dermal fillers to offer a safer, perhaps alternative option for wrinkle removal.

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