WSJ Reports Cellulite Treatments Offer Limited Results

For thousands of women batting cellulite with the latest innovative treatment, procedures including SmoothShapes, VelaShape and LipoDissolvecontinue to be an attractive choice for many.  Instead of turning to surgery to get rid of fatty pockets, these cellulite reduction treatments work through the skin's surface to deliver a deep, heated massage (VelaShape) or break down fat cells with compounds delivered via injection (LipoDissolve).  As popular as these non-surgical options are, some people don't always achieve the dramatic results they are looking for.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the issue, indicating that the market for these treatments is expected to grown to $200 million a year by 2012, but studies and research on the effectiveness of these treatments are showing limited promise.

"We do not have any data or information about how long the effect lasts," says Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the FDA, which has cleared more than a dozen devices for cellulite treatment. (Source:  Wall Street Journal)

Most of the anti-cellulite procedures require a series of treatments in order to see any major results; a set of 6 - 10 treatments is the typical treatment plan, and patients are advised to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle during the process.

Critics of these programs suggest that most treatments only provide temporary results, and that most are just 'glorified' massage treatments that only reduce dipmles and the appearance of cellulite for the short term.

Still, supporters of celluite treatments claim that these non-surgical methods are a valuable way to lose a few inches, tighten up the skin and enjoy results within a few short months.

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