AACS Warns Against Revision Cosmetic Surgery

When you undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery but aren't happy with the results, an appointment for a revision procedure may be necessary. Revision cosmetic surgery is most common in for procedures such as breast implants, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty, but The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery warns that there are several precautions to consider before pursuing surgery.

Results from cosmetic surgery an be considerably different than before and after photos, and can vary with time and during the recovery period. Doctors who do not explain this to prospective patients may mislead many into thinking they will get their 'dream' results.

Dissatisfied patients are a natural outcome of many delicate procedures, and many are simply unhappy because their expectations were unrealistic. Finding a doctor that will educate the patient and encourage them to express their expectations and results of the treatment can take time, but the AACS suggests that patients do take the extra steps to find a doctor that provides enough honest information.

Revision surgery should not be pursued as a 'fix' for every procedure that does not turn out perfectly because it still poses a number of health risks and unwanted side effects.

According to AACS President, Steven Hopping: "The patient must also keep in mind that some results are completely unattainable. Especially those who seek cosmetic surgery as a quick fix to alter their appearance or want to have multiple procedures done at once need to be educated on the risks. On the other hand, doctors have to push ego aside and realize that he or she may not be able to 'fix' everything and relay that honestly to the patient." (Source: PRNewsWire.com)

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