More Women Covet Teenage 'Baby Fat' for the Face

While a sculpted and chiseled face has become the ideal by today's modeling standards, media and advertising still supports a more youthful, softer look.

According to this article in New York Magazine, more women are looking for a plumper, youthful look as opposed to the gaunt and chiseled looks of years past.  Baby fat from the teenage years, it seems, is setting the new standard for the New Beauty.

Researchers continue to define what is considered to be the 'ideal beauty' to find out what draws people to one face over the other.  Celebrities including Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina Jolie and Madonna are tapping into the fountain of youth with cosmetic surgery enhancements that plump up key features such as the cheeks and lips, and having work done to achieve a 'heartlike' face shape.

Still, it seems that more women are looking for ways to create a 'baby face' look but keep their bodies as skinny and slim as possible.  Since this is difficult for most, cosmetic surgery is the answer.

Many nonsurgical treatments including dermal fillers, Thermage skin tightening treatments and even nonsurgical facelifts are helping create this new ideal beauty standard.

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