RioBlush C02 Injections Could Melt Away Cellulite

Radiofrequency treatments such as Velasmooth and fat removal procedures such as SmartLipo continue to be popular alternatives to liposuction, but some doctors are promoting C02 injections as a way to get rid of cellulite for good.

C02 therapy, otherwise known as carboxytherapy, involves injecting the skin with C02 gas to trigger collagen production.  This improves the texture and tone of the skin and may even break down the layer of superficial fat that causes a dimpled appearance.

Collagen is produced by the body but the rate of production often diminishes with age.  Without extra collagen to support the skin tissue, the skin begins to sag and droop.  Loose, weak skin also makes the body more vulnerable to accumulating cellulite, but this situation can be improved with the help of C02 therapy.

The RioBlush System is one treatment now available in the U.S., and involves injecting small volumes of heated gas deep into the fatty tissues.  It has already been used for facial rejuvenation to sculpt and contour sagging facial tissues, but shows promise for other parts of the body as well.  C02 therapy is a relatively painless procedure and patients can return to regular activities immediately afterwards.

According to Dr. Yan Trokel, a New York-based cosmetic surgeon who has been using carboxytherapy in cellulite treatments, C02 therapy can also be combined with radiofrequency technology for enhanced benefits.

Dr. Trokel recently interviewed with  Cosmetic Surgery Times, stating that 'The combination of CO2 and radiofrequency (RF) energy in particular yields excellent results,' Dr. Trokel says. He typically staggers eight weekly treatments of each, using VelaShape (Syneron; Yokneam, Israel) on Monday and carboxytherapy on Thursday, for example."

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