Live Longer By Eating Less - An Easy Anti-Aging Trick?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="378" caption="Eating Less May Be the Secret to Longevity"]Eating Less Could Be the Secret to Longevity[/caption]

While thousands of people turn to cosmetic surgery treatments to stop the clock and procedures such as Botox to banish wrinkles, some experts claim there's an easier way to freeze time and reduce the effects of aging:

Simply eat less.

Eating a low-calorie diet may slow down the aging process, and eating wholesome, nutritious foods may help support the body's most important functions and keep organs and cells in great shape. Calorie restriction diets can ward off excess pounds, reduce the risk of heart disease and other weight-related problems, and may even improve thyroid functioning.

'Calorie restriction' (CR) is defined as eating between 20-25% less than the recommended calorie requirements for your height and weight, but ensuring that the major vitamins, minerals and nutrients are still a part of the daily diet.

Christy Carter is an assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine and conducts in-depth research on the aging process and anti-aging methods.   Her recent findings suggest that:

"The more that scientists can demonstrate similar biological profiles between rodents and humans with regards to calorie restriction, the greater the possibility that lifespan extension will translate to human as well. " (Source:

The Mayo Clinic reports on several benefits of calorie restricted diets including: reduced body fat percentage, lower blood pressure, stable blood sugar levels and lower cholestoral levels.

Still, there are some drawbacks of cutting back too much; memory loss, anemia, depression and low bone density are some of the risks involved with reducing too many calories for an extended period of time.

Is a low-calorie diet really the secret to longevity?  Cutting out essential nutrients may lead to several health problems and may not be a healthy approach for most; slowly cutting back a few hundred calories per day may be a healthier strategy to maximize the benefits of this nutrition program.

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