SmoothShapes Enters Cellulite Removal Market

Over 90% of women have cellulite, and cellulite removal treatments are some of the most sought-after procedures during beach season. However, the surgical removal of fatty deposits can involve an extensive procedure - and not one that many women are prepared for.

Body sculpting and contouring procedures are becoming popular alternatives to surgery, and today's most popular treatments include SmartLipo (laser liposuction), mesotherapy injections, and Synergie (vacuum massage) to reshape the body. SmoothShapes is another treatment that has recently entered the market.

The latest press release about SmoothShapes® being offered at ViVa Skin Care Center in Boston states that: "The SmoothShapes® treatment, when compared to conventional treatments, provides longer lasting results from dimpled and cellulite stricken skin...Many doctors have turned to SmoothShapes® out of frustration and disappointment with the same old treatments that at best yielded very temporary results. To treat the affected area the SmoothShapes® System uses a proprietary technology called Photomology™".

ViVa Skin Care Center is offering SmoothShapes and SmartLipo treatments together to combat cellulite, ensuring that all dimples, fatty deposits and uneven skin tissues are sculpted smooth and evenly to create the desired silhouette.

Other medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers are offering SmoothShapes treatments as a simple solution for removing fat cells and reshaping the body with an innovative approach.

Here's an overview of how SmoothShapes works:


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