Anti-Aging Procedures for Men Include Facelifts and Chin Implants

While women continue to be the leading consumers of plastic and cosmetic surgery services, accounting for over 91 percent of total cosmetic procedures in 2007 alone, the male population is still enjoying several benefits of skin rejuvenation treatments and fat reducing procedures.  Recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery report the number of men getting plastic surgery from 2002 to 2007 has increased by 16%.

Men interested in turning back the clock permanently are turning to facelifts, nose reshaping, cheek and chin implants, and even non-surgical facial rejuvenation options such as BOTOX injections and Restylane dermal fillers says Orange County Plastic Surgeon Nirav Savalia, M.D.

Facelifts can help reduce wrinkles and give the skin a tighter, more taut apperance while nose reshaping procedures can help balance out the face to create a more youthful look.  Chin and cheek implants can help give the face a more contoured and chiseled appearance - the hallmarks of youth - and can complement other skin and facial rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Joseph Perlman, a plastic surgeon in Texas recently interviewed with the Houston Chronicle, and states that "The biggest difference between treating men and women is that men are less knowledgeable and less like to get stuff that's quick, fast and doesn't show anything. With them it's a one-shot deal."

The past five years have also shown a steady increase of men at the spa, and medspas and day spas across the country are catering to the trend by offering deluxe spa treatments such as the Gentleman's Shave, facial treatments and manicures specifically for the well-pampered male.

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